Helen Hord

Artist — Watercolor
7610 Springvale Dr.
Louisville, KY 40241
(502) 396-6647


I practiced occupational therapy for 25 years, embedding my creativity in my treatment plans.  It wasn’t until 2007, while recovering from back surgery, that I took my first watercolor class. Working with water was different and it came very easily. Watercolor allowed me to look for something in the piece, usually abstract, as a starting point. It is my challenge to make the painting come to life; I have had many happy mistakes. Watercolor was the prefect creative outlet for me. It’s fun, exciting, and could take on its own personality with color choice.

I began giving small paintings as Christmas gifts and received great encouragement from my friends and mentors to print my work. Humbly, I took the leap, and today sell notecards and prints from my original work. I describe myself as “novice” yet those who encounter my paintings quickly point out my talent and describe my work as bright, fun, cheerful, and one of a kind.

Helen Hord

Helen Hord, Louisville, Ky.