Sherry Brummett

Specializing in Feather Painting


Kids love to create art, and as a child, I was no exception.  It wasn’t until I reached my mid-thirties that I started to take on a more serious attitude.  Thus, began my long journey of becoming a self-taught artist.  Through the study of art books, videos, and endless hours of experimentation, I have arrived to where I am today.  I do see myself, however, like a sponge, trying to absorb everything around me.  I try to truly see what is before me and hopefully capture a small portion of that passion.

Have you ever seen something that evoked such emotion that it brought you to tears or at least made you stop and think? That is the kind of feeling I wish to convey to you, the viewer.  I love it when I hear comments like “I love your cat painting, it reminds me of one I had as a child,” or when an older man says I just gave him a sweet memory. 

I once had a student who said he had never appreciated art until he looked at it through my eyes. Now that is what being an artist is all about!

Sherry Brummett

            Sherry Brummett, New Haven, KY